Project NATO-SFP-984777


Science for Peace and Security Programme

Multi-Year Science for Peace Project MD.SFPP 984777


A Mechanistic Approach to Fight against Chemical Warfare Agents


Neuropathic organophosphorus are used as chemical warfare agents, such as sarin or soman, but also in industry and agriculture. Exposure to these compounds has been associated with the development of a delayed neurodegenerative process (OPIDN). The terrorist use of these compounds against civilian populations has already been reported in Japan (1995) and more recently, in Syria (2013). However, the pathophysiological mechanisms resulting in the development of OPIDN are not well understood and no specific countermeasures are currently available. This project aims to identify new potential therapeutic targets to fight against OPIDN by increasing the understanding of the mechanisms involved in this condition.


✓  NPD: Dr. Demetrio Raldúa (CSIC, Spain)

✓  PPD: Prof. Arie Admon  (Technion Institute, Israel)

✓  Co-Dir A: Prof. Patrick J. Babin (MRGM, Université de Bordeaux, France)

✓  Co-Dir B: Dr. Natalia Garcia-Reyero (Mississipi State University, USA)