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Two independent research groups from the Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior de Investigaciones científicas (CSIC, Spanish Research Council), located in the same Research Centre (CID-CSIC, Barcelona) are involved in the project: the Group of Environmental Toxicology from the IDAEA-CSIC and the Research Unit on BioActive Molecules (RUBAM) from the IQAC.


Group of Environmental Toxicology

EcoTox (IDAEA-CSIC) is formed by four permanent researchers, Dr Romà Tauler (Professor), Dr Benjamin Piña (Investigator), Dr Demetrio Raldúa (Scientific, the NPD of the project) and Dr Carlos Barata (Scientific), as well as Dr Eva Prats (PhD, technician), Marta Casado (B.Sc. technician), and at the present time, Dr Laia Navarro-Martín (PhD, post-doc) and Dr Melisa Faria, post-doc from University of Aveiro (Portugal) allocated in EcoTox. The main objective of this group is the analysis and modelling of effects related with environmental pollutants.

Research Interest

One of the main research interest of this group is the determination of toxic effect and mode of action of environmental pollutants and drugs. In this context, zebrafish model is used as a link between environmental risk assessment and human risk assessment. Currently, our research interest is focus on the neurotoxic effect of chemicals and drugs targeting the motor system, by using both morphological and functional (behavioral) endpoints in zebrafish.

IDAEA - Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research






Dr Gemma Fabrias Domingo and Dr Josefina Casas Brugulat have a wide experience in chemical biology of lipids, lipid metabolism, enzymology and analysis (lipidomics). Dr Antonio Delgado Cirilo and Dr José Luís Abad Saiz have a long expertise in chemical synthesis.

Research Interest

The study of biochemical aspects of lipid metabolism and functions and their modulation by proprietary synthetic small molecules. The identification of new enzyme inhibitors, receptor agonists or antagonists, etc. involved in therapeutically relevant processes represents one of the main goals of the group. The development of biochemical assays, including high throughput screening (HTS) procedures, and the characterization of lipidomes (lipidomics) using LC/MS technologies are other aims of the group.

RUBAM - Research Unit on BioActive Molecules  www.rubam.net