Université Bordeaux

Laboratoire Maladies Rares : Génétique et Métabolisme (MRGM)

Address: Universite Bordeaux, Allée Geoffroy St-Hilaire, Bat. B2, 2ème étage, CS 50023, 33615 Pessac cedex, France
E-mail: patrick.babin@u-bordeaux.fr


In addition to PJB, the following MRGM team members are involved in the Project: Dr. Anja Knoll-Gellida (assistant profesor). Mrs Guilaine Mathieu (research technician), Mrs Sylvia Branchu (technician).
Research Interest

This research team has an expertise in spinocerebellar degenerations produced by mutations in genes involved in lipid metabolism. They analyze the casuality link between lipid gene mutation in humans and spinocerebellar degeneration, by using gene inactivation in zebrafish (French National Research Agency (ANR) Programme LIGENAX, coordinator P. Babin).