Dr Laia Navarro-Martín (Postdoctoral Fellow)

   She obtained her PhD in Physiology (Biology) in December 2008 at the University of Barcelona (Spain). During 2009-2014 she worked at the Center for Advanced Research in Environmental Genomics at University of Ottawa (UO, Canada) as a postdoctoral fellow. Her international teaching experience extends from the undergraduate to the graduate level. Moreover, she has been directly involved in the co-supervision of undergraduate students, 6 Honour’s Thesis and 2 Master’s Thesis. The past and present research of Laia Navarro Martín has allowed her to develop extensive expertise in gene-environment interactions, including endocrine disruption, in non-mammalian vertebrate development using fish and frogs as model species. She is currently studying the effect of emerging pollutants on different hormonal pathways using zebrafish as model species. She is an animal physiologist and endocrinologist with a strong interest in understanding long-term implications of vertebrate endocrine disruption by environmental contaminants.